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Why Choose Us

In a word, it’s “experience” which enables us to provide a more comprehensive service. Our team has many years of hands-on global portfolio management experience to back us up in the selection and supervision of Investments. We are capable of monitoring portfolio activity from a professional perspective. If your plan isn’t working as expected, we have the experience to diagnose the reasons, consult with you and take remedial action if necessary.

Why Rely On Us?

You use our experience to conduct the required due diligence on your behalf.

You will have experienced investment professionals monitoring your portfolio, trading activity, and performance. We won’t be off selling life insurance or working at some other activity.

If the plan is not working for you we will diagnose why and recommend remedial action.

Long Term

We keep in touch and recommend adjustments required through the economic cycles and due to changes in your life situation.

We have access to and subscribe to the input of numerous economic and financial consulting firms which enables us to be very well-informed about the international economy and the investment environment.

We use this powerful value chain of expertise to determine the best asset allocation for your portfolio.

Given the array of information we receive, we believe we are among the best-informed investment consultants in the country.


Our staff never have access to your money or your investments. Trustees hold everything in your name, perform record keeping and shareholder services for pooled fund unit holders, settle all investment transactions, collect interest and dividends for your account and provide all of the administrative functions required.


We love building products for you

Derek Schaefer

Senior Financial Advisor

Derek started his financial planning career working with major banking and insurance institutions. This experience helped narrow his focus on the technical aspects while growing a true passion for meaningful, impactful advice that helps better the lives of the families and business professionals.


Our Partners

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