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Guiding Your Financial Summit Ascent: Together, We Scale New Heights.


Derek Schaefer

Senior Financial Advisor

After obtaining a B.Comm from MacEwan University, I embarked on a journey to further my education, completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with the goal of empowering families to lead fulfilling lives. Armed with a profound understanding of the intricacies of financial markets, I discern the distinction between good and exceptional financial products.

My foray into the financial planning arena commenced with roles in various banking and insurance institutions, honing my technical expertise while fostering a genuine passion for delivering meaningful and impactful advice that enhances the well-being of families and business professionals.

Collaborating closely with clients, I craft personalized financial strategies tailored to meet their distinct and individual needs. Clients often express regret for not seeking assistance sooner, as what initially seemed like a complex and stressful financial situation becomes comprehensible and organized under my guidance. This transformation leaves them feeling at ease and optimistic about their financial future, allowing them to navigate their busy lives with confidence.

Employing an open and tactful approach, my specialization spans Investment, Retirement, Tax, and Estate Planning, alongside Insurance and Risk Management. Committed to staying ahead in the dynamic financial landscape, I continually pursue additional designations to ensure my clients receive the most relevant and informed advice aligned with their unique circumstances.

Mutual funds and exempt market products are made available and regulated through Global Maxfin Investments Inc., while insurance products are offered and regulated through Global Insurance Solutions Inc. Additionally, planning services are provided through Northern Asset Management, completing the comprehensive suite of solutions offered to support my clients in their financial journey.




Who We Are

Northern Asset Management if a Holistic Financial Planning firm working to help you answer the simple question of: “Am I loosing money needlessly and unnecessarily?”

Working from a Bottom up philosophy starting with an estate plan we can help you build a financial plan to accomplish all of your future retirement goals together.

Your financial situation should not be stressful but rather and enjoyable journey guided by Northern Asset Management and completed together. Let us help you reach new Peaks.


Why Rely On Us?

You use our experience to conduct the required due diligence on your behalf.

You will have experienced investment professionals monitoring your portfolio, trading activity, and performance. We won’t be off selling life insurance or working at some other activity.

If the plan is not working for you we will diagnose why and recommend remedial action.

Long Term

We keep in touch and recommend adjustments required through the economic cycles and due to changes in your life situation.

We have access to and subscribe to the input of numerous economic and financial consulting firms which enables us to be very well-informed about the international economy and the investment environment.

We use this powerful value chain of expertise to determine the best asset allocation for your portfolio.

Given the array of information we receive, we believe we are among the best-informed investment consultants in the country.


Our Partners

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