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Guiding Your Financial Summit Ascent: Together, We Scale New Heights.

Financial Planning - Retirement Planning - Legacy Planning - Investing - Insurance 

Your Financial Future, Our Expertise: Building Trust, Securing Dreams!

At Northern Asset Management, we recognize that your money is not just paper and coins – it's the key to your peace of mind and the realization of your future aspirations. Your dedication and hard work deserve protection and strategic growth, and that's precisely where our partnership begins.

🚀 Why Make Us Your Financial Allies?
💡 Expert Navigators: Consider us your financial GPS, charting a course toward your unique goals.
💰 Tax Efficiency Masters: We specialize in preserving your hard-earned wealth with savvy tax-saving strategies.
🌟 Tailored to Your Dreams: Your dreams are at the heart of our mission; we customize your investments accordingly.
🧠 Empowered by Knowledge: Understanding your financial terrain is the bridge to achieving your dreams, and we're your trusted guides every step of the way.
💎 Trust Is Our Foundation: Trust isn't just a word; it's our bedrock. We're committed to earning your trust from day one, providing recommendations that align perfectly with your needs and risk tolerance.

At Northern Asset Management, trust is the heartbeat of our mission. We pledge to get it right on the first try, delivering unwavering guidance that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.


Join us today, and let's turn your financial dreams into an exhilarating reality! Your future, our expertise – a partnership that's destined for greatness. And yes, we're also experts in charitable gift planning, so you can leave a lasting legacy while securing your own dreams. 



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What our customers are saying

Great service, knowledgeable investors. I feel most comfortable and secure knowing my investments are a priority. 

-Charlene L.

Alan R.

Derek's exceptional strength lies in his deep understanding of each client's unique circumstances, enabling him to meticulously navigate complex financial scenarios, offering tailored solutions that address immediate needs while securing a prosperous future and seamlessly integrating philanthropic goals into financial planning, allowing clients to leave impactful legacies beyond wealth, consistently earning commendation for simplifying intricate financial matters, alleviating stress, and empowering confident navigation of financial futures; his dedication, expertise, and compassionate approach render him an invaluable asset in financial planning, ensuring both stability and meaningful contributions to philanthropic causes, thus, I wholeheartedly endorse Derek as an exceptional financial planner, certain that his guidance will play a pivotal role in realizing your financial aspirations.

Nathan B. 

With absolute confidence and genuine admiration, I wholeheartedly recommend Derek as an exceptional financial planner, having witnessed his unwavering dedication over our three-year acquaintance, particularly in his adept handling of retirement and estate planning intricacies, his expertise not only shaping financial strategies but also transcending to secure futures and shape lasting legacies, possessing an innate ability to decode complex financial landscapes and tailor solutions for immediate concerns while paving robust paths for the future, his seamless integration of philanthropic endeavors empowering clients to leave resonating legacies beyond wealth, his adeptness at demystifying financial elements into actionable plans instilling unwavering confidence, numerous clients expressing gratitude for reduced stress and confusion under his guidance, allowing busy lives to align with assured and optimistic financial futures, ultimately, Derek's dedication, expertise, and compassionate approach render him an invaluable beacon of trust and reliability in the sphere of financial planning.

Gus M. 

I take immense pleasure in wholeheartedly endorsing Derek as an outstanding financial planner, given his consistent display of unwavering dedication to clients and exceptional expertise in retirement and estate planning over our three-year acquaintance, demonstrating a rare gift to rejuvenate financial strategies, customizing them to fulfill retirement goals and establish lasting legacies through meticulous estate planning, showcasing unparalleled proficiency in guiding individuals towards their financial aspirations by skillfully simplifying complex challenges into actionable, confidence-instilling plans.



280 King Street

Suite 1
Spruce Grove, Alberta



Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed


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